Adjustable Head & Feet Base With Massage & Zero Gravity

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Move Beyond the Adjustable Base

Ergomotion Contour bases are Active Motion Bases that use proprietary extension Deck technology to actively optimize the shape of the mattress when in an elevated position, allowing users to rest more naturally and comfortably. As the head section raises, the platform extends, moving towards the wall, allowing the mattress to contour to the angle of the base and reducing any bridging or compression of the mattress. Less compression of the mattress means less compression on the user’s midsection, resulting in a level of comfort well beyond that of ordinary adjustable bases.

The Zero Gravity function on adjustable beds has its roots in NASA engineering. Based on their Neutral Body Posture, this preset position aligns the body to the most comfortable position, free from pressure on joints. The spine aligns to reduce compression and relax muscles. This creates a sensation of weightlessness that helps with a variety of day-to-day ailments including poor circulation, joint stiffness, back pain, neck pain, snoring, GERD, acid reflux, and swelling.