March 30, 2018

All LunaZen mattresses are treated with Silpure technology to reduce odours and keep your mattress fresh and clean for years to come. But what is it? Simply put, Silpure technology is a safe antimicrobial treatment from Thomson Research Associates that provides long lasting protection against odour-causing bacteria. Using the antimicrobial power of silver, Silpure technology uses silver nanoparticles to release ions at a controlled rate when the conditions for the growth of odour-causing bacteria are present. It kills odour-causing bacteria so your mattress stays fresh.

How does it work?

The advanced Silpure cover used on the LunaZen mattress activates during the night when you sweat. When the silver nanoparticles come into contact with a warm, moist environment, they start to release silver ions. When those ions enter a bacterial cell, they work to destroy the cell from the inside by:

  • Modifying the cell membrane so it can't take in nutrients.
  • Interrupting the cell's DNA and RNA production so it can't multiply.
  • Inhibiting the cell's metabolism of nutrients.

The end result is a dead bacterial cell that can't multiply or emit odours. Ultimately, those silver ions protect your mattress from odour-causing bacteria and help to prevent sweat stains in your mattress fabric. Thanks to a coating of Silpure technology, your mattress will stay fresh, clean, and odour free for years to come!

Is it safe?

Yes! Silver has been used for centuries to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi. As far back at 1000BC, silver was used to make water potable. By 750AD, doctors were using it in wound dressings to prevent infections. Today, you can find it in everything from medical implants to athletic wear! There simply isn't a more effective and safer antimicrobial treatment out there.

With the introduction of nanotechnology, scientists with Thomson Research Associates in Toronto have been able to produce a unique antimicrobial treatment that releases silver ions when needed to fight odor-causing bacteria. Silver nanoparticles are non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, and won't irritate your skin. Silpure technology is also registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which requires a thorough examination of environmental, chemical, and toxicological data.

How long does it last?

The Silpure treatment used on LunaZen products is designed to last for the entire lifetime of your mattress (up to 10 years). The silver nanoparticles bind to the fabric and won't wash away over time thanks to a patented application technique. In laboratory tests, the Silpure treatment was still effective after 50 washes of a polyester/cotton blend fabric! You can even steam-clean your mattress with confidence knowing that your antimicrobial treatment will stay put!

Still curious? If you want to learn more about Silpure technology and Thomson Research Associates, you can check out their website here!