Mattress Sizes in Canada

What Size Mattress Should I Buy?

The biggest mistake new bed-buyers make is picking one that’s just not big enough for their needs. Everyone has suffered through at least one night squeezed into an uncomfortable cot or sofa bed, but most don’t realize that even a full- or queen-sized mattress can be too small for some people, especially if they’re sharing the bed!

Sleeping on a too-small mattress can lead to muscle soreness, disturbed sleep, and even serious health problems over time. The key to a great sleep is choosing a mattress that is big enough to stretch out and move around on without disturbing your partner or rolling off the edge. This guide will help you understand mattress sizing and provide recommendations so you can find the right fit for your sleep health.

What Are The Standard Mattress Sizes in Canada?

Standard mattress sizing varies from country to country, but in Canada there are 6 main sizes that you’ll find from almost every manufacturer: Twin (also called Single), Twin XL, Full (also called Double), Queen, King, and California King.

Generally speaking, children and teens are more comfortable in a Full-sized bed or smaller, while adults and couples prefer Queen-sized or larger.

Before you choose a mattress, you’ll need to measure your room to make sure it will fit comfortably (don’t forget to measure the door!). Check out the mattress size chart below for the standard measurements:

Standard Mattress Sizes Available in Canada (With Dimensions)

Width x Length (in)

Width x Length (cm)


28 x 51"

71.1 x 129.5 cm


38 x 74 ½"

96.5 x 189 cm

Twin/Single XL

38 x 79 ½"

96.5 x 202 cm


53 x 74 ½"

134.5 x 189 cm


60 x 79 ½"

152.5 x 202 cm


76 x 79 ½"

193 x 202 cm

California King

72 x 84"

183 x 213 cm

What Size Bed Do I Need?

As a general rule, you should choose the largest mattress that will fit inside your room - the bigger, the better! You should also consider how tall you are and whether or not you’ll be sharing the bed.

To give yourself the best chance at a great sleep every night, your mattress needs to be big enough to accommodate you and your partner (or pets!) without disturbing each other's sleep, with plenty of room to spread out if you get too hot during the night. Ideally, you’ll have at least 12 inches of extra space at the foot of your bed and enough room to roll over without disturbing your partner.

Here is a quick overview of the most popular mattress sizes in Canada and when you might use them:


The smallest mattress size available, twin/single mattresses are a great choice for a child’s room, guest room, or daybed, but are too short for most adults at only 74 ½ inches long. If you’re tight on space and only need enough room for one adult, a twin XL-sized mattress might be a good alternative! This size is just as long as a queen or king sized mattress, but skinnier, so it can fit in a smaller bedroom.


A double-sized bed is a great option if you’re looking for something your child can use for several years. Popular in teenagers’ bedrooms, a double is the same length as a twin but 15 inches wider so there is plenty of room for a single person to stretch out. However, there is not enough room for two people and it may be too short for most adults.


Queen-sized mattresses are a popular choice for single adults or couples who don’t mind touching each other when they sleep. This option is a good middle-ground if you want extra living space in your bedroom without sacrificing too much personal space!


If you move around a lot at night or want to maximize your personal space when you’re sharing a bed, a king-sized mattress is the way to go. The extra 16 inches of width compared to a queen makes a huge difference in personal comfort! A king-sized mattress might be too wide for some doorways, however, so you’ll want to measure everything ahead of time. Be sure to account for the space you need for any nightstands or other furniture in your bedroom as well.

California King

A California king-sized mattress is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a traditional king-sized bed, which makes it a better fit for most doorways. If you have a large or especially long bedroom, it is a great size to help balance things out. It’s perfect for tall people who need more space at the foot of the bed.