January 24, 2018

Under the right conditions, the human body can survive for a week – or longer – without water or food.

Sleep? Not so much.

After missing just a night or two, you could experience hallucinations, slow reaction times, reduced immune function, and a whole host of other negative effects.

Crucial Benefits of Sleep That You're Probably Missing Out On

The world population is chronically sleep deprived – especially in industrialized nations like Canada and the United States. 1 in 3 Canadians and Americans aren't getting their recommended seven hours each night.

Here are all the benefits of sleep you're missing.

1. A Powerful Immune System and Metabolism

Lack of sleep suppresses both your immune system and metabolism.  If you aren't getting your seven hours, your body might have a hard time fending off illness and absorbing nutrients properly.

Lots of vitamins and minerals are important for supporting the immune system as well as brain health so this can vastly impact both physical and mental health.

2. Warding Off Memory Loss

A bad night sleep can reduce your ability to retain information which manifests as short-term memory loss which might begin as casual forgetfulness at work or home.

This symptom becomes more prevalent as you age because the elderly are even more susceptible to the negative effects of sleep deprivation. Studies show that chronic sleep deprivation can trigger brain degeneration leading to memory loss and even dementia.

3. Focus, Cognitive Function, and Learning

Research suggests that brainwaves during sleep help to cement new information you learn during the previous day.

Sleep deprivation – even for one night – reduces your ability to focus on tasks and take in information.

Each sleep stage like rapid eye movement (REM), slow-wave, and deep sleep play their own roles in solidifying different types of facts.

4. Reducing Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Sleep is important for maintaining proper brain chemistry.

Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression share a strong relationship with poor sleep quality – including insomnia, deprivation, and oversleeping.

Poor sleep habits can trigger depression symptoms and vice versa which creates a vicious cycle.

5. Reaction Time and Safe Driving

Even if you don't "feel" tired, lack of sleep can reduce your reaction time which makes driving and operating machinery dangerous.

You may not fall asleep at the wheel (although you could), but you might accidentally begin daydreaming or zoning out.

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