January 16, 2018

Sleep is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health.

Yes, you need to get enough sleep each night, but the quality of sleep also matters quite a bit.

When you have a poor night sleep, you can tell: you feel groggy, sluggish, and out of focus all day.

In fact, you might not even be aware that your sleep quality isn't so great until you evaluate your habits and mattress.

These tips for better sleep can help you analyze your habits and improve your overall wellbeing.

Top 5 Tips for Better Sleep to Improve Your Long-Term Health Wellbeing

Try to look at these tips for better sleep objectively – don't let your brain make excuses for your poor habits.

1. Stick to a Regular Sleep Schedule – No Matter What

Sorry: this means no staying up late, sleeping in on the weekends, or naps. 

If you want to improve your sleep quality, you need to set a bedtime and stick to it. Your body craves set schedules and routines – especially when it comes to sleep.

Once you make it through a few nights, your body will start feeling tired at the "right" time and you won't crave an afternoon nap.

2. Set a Power-Down Time to Prepare Your Brain for Sleep

Your brain is chronically overstimulated. Set a quiet time routine to help your brain power-down.

Put your phone down at least an hour before bed and spend some time reading, taking a bath, practicing yoga, or doing something relaxing.

3. Create Ideal Sleeping Conditions

Go into your bedroom and take a look around.

Is there any light seeping in? Are there sounds? What's the temperature?

Your bedroom should be a cool 16 to 19 degrees Celsius without any light or noise. Blueish lights from phones, bulbs, or electronics are even worse. White noise machines are okay for masking other sounds.

4. Keep Up with Physical Activities

Vigorous exercise is important for promoting healthy brain chemistry and regulating sleep. However, any exercise is better than none.

Try to avoid working out directly before bed. Instead, find a time that works best for you.

5. Invest in a Quality Mattress and Pillow

Mattresses only last about 9 or 10 years. It's important to replace your mattress before it wears out and accumulates too many allergens.

Your mattress should supply support: find something solid and supportive rather than fluffy and soft.

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