August 28, 2019

Sleep: it’s one of the most critical parts of our daily life. Unfortunately, for many of us, healthy sleep is also one of the most elusive things out there. Right now, an estimated 40% of Canadians have a sleep disorder. While some conditions are only treatable by a doctor, other people find relief by simply adding a few sleep-friendly products to their bedrooms and nighttime routines.

With that in mind, here are a few of our favorites:

1. Blackout Drapes

Light pollution is one of the biggest culprits in interrupted sleep. In lots of cases, it’s also one of the most difficult to resolve. After all, you can’t banish all street lamps. What youcan do, however, is install blackout curtains. Blackout drapes block outside lights, reduce noise, insulate your bedroom, and promote a nicer night of sleep.

2. Essential Oil Diffusers

According to the National Sleep Foundation, lavender oil decreases heart rate and blood pressure, thus relaxing the body and creating the perfect environment for deep, restful sleep. While you can buy lavender sheet mist, one of our favorite options is to bring an essential oil diffuser into the bedroom. The diffuser will release light, airy lavender oil into your bedroom all night, helping you relax and get your Zs. 

3. A White Noise Machine

Ever notice that you sleep better with a fan on? The reason is white noise. White noise is nondescript background noise that disguises disruptive noises, like a dog licking its coat or people talking loudly on the sleep outside. To make your bedroom into a sleep paradise, grab a by-the-bed white noise machine. These nifty little machines can be programmed to play sounds like crashing waves or light music, or just a slight whirr to distract your mind and promote deep sleep. 

4. A Daylight Alarm Clock

Nobody likes waking up to a screaming alarm. Make your mornings a bit gentler by investing in a daylight alarm clock. These unique alarms mimic natural sunlight to wake you up slowly. After 30 minutes of gradually-increasing light, the alarm will start to play calming sounds like birdsong or your favorite radio station. It’s a less jarring way to welcome a new day. 

Better Sleep Starts Here

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