August 12, 2019

Bed-buyers everywhere have a reason to celebrate: the days of awkwardly lying on a mattress under fluorescent lighting while a salesperson hovers over you are finally over! Today, it's easier than ever to buy a new mattress - and you'll never have to set foot in a showroom again. Simply open up your computer, place an order, and wait. In just a few days or weeks, you'll have a brand new mattress delivered to your door in a convenient box ready for you to unpack and enjoy.

This new "bed in a box" trend doesn't show any signs of slowing down - in fact, some experts predict that a full 20% of all mattresses will be sold online over the next 3 years!

Companies like Endy, Casper, and Tuft & Needle use high-powered machinery to squish, fold, roll, and otherwise compress their mattresses to fit inside that little box - but there's a dark side to those FedEx-friendly shipping methods: what's easier and cheaper for the manufacturer isn't necessarily more convenient or affordable for you.

Many of these companies are sacrificing the quality of your sleep (and the longevity of your mattress) in the process! Read on to learn why you shouldn't settle for a typical "bed in a box", and instead choose something that is never compressed, and designed for comfort and long-term quality.

3 Reasons Why the Best Online Mattresses Don't Come in a Box

1. Rolling, folding, and compressing memory foam can damage it.

When a foam mattress is compressed into a box, the cells in the foam quickly start to break down just like they would if you slept on it every night. The problem is, the amount of pressure needed to squish the memory foam into that box is way higher than it would ever see in a lifetime of regular use! In fact, it takes incredibly high-powered machinery to get it to fold into the shape it comes in.

Under that kind of compression, the material just doesn't have a chance to "bounce back" until you unpack it. This can damage the memory foam so severely that by the time it reaches your bedroom, it has lost its ability to conform to your body, bounce back, and relieve pressure points- the main reasons you chose a memory foam mattress in the first place!

The longer your bed stays in that box, the more potential there is for damage to occur. In many cases, large retailers carry mattresses that have been imported from overseas and held in a warehouse for weeks or months before shipping. Instead of getting a brand new mattress, you might be receiving one that is several months old and has been through the stress of compression for nearly the entire time - and you'd never know.

A better option would be to seek out a specialty retailer like Lunazen, who manufacture their mattresses to order and ship them immediately.

2. Compressed mattresses need time to expand before use.

Some online mattress retailers offer their product as a convenient alternative to ordering from a showroom - a mattress that comes rolled up and magically unfolds itself when you open it. But when your bed-in-a-box arrives, you have to haul it up to your bedroom (often weighing as much as 90-100lbs!), pull it out of the box, unwrap it, and allow up to 48 hours in some cases for it to expand to its intended size.

Many manufacturers recommend you allow your mattress to expand inside its foundation rather than on the floor, which means that you're left without a place to sleep while you wait! As a result, most people sleep on their new bed before it's fully expanded, which can result in a mattress that never fully expands. When you buy a mattress that has never been compressed, it's ready to use right away!

3. You can't compress a high-quality mattress.

Most mattresses will come in one of four categories: innerspring, latex, memory foam, or hybrid. Each type suffers from its own challenges: innerspring tends to wear out faster, latex tends to be too firm and expensive for most people, and a full memory foam mattress tends to sleep hot and give an uncomfortable "sinking in" feeling due to the lack of underlying support.

That's why the highest quality beds, like those made by Lunazen, Leesa, and Saatva, have a hybrid construction with a variety of coils, foams, and other materials designed to enhance the benefits of each while eliminating the drawbacks. Due to their sturdy construction, however, they can't be compressed or rolled up without sacrificing their structural integrity.

Frankly, compressing a mattress with coils into a box would be dangerous and likely to bend or warp the coils. Other online "bed-in-a-box" companies get around this by offering a foam-only construction, which can't give you the same kind of support or comfort as a hybrid mattress... and can still be damaged due to the stress of compression!

How to Find a Mattress that Has Never Been Compressed

There are hundreds of online mattress retailers out there, with a wide variety of models and shipping techniques. Luckily, there are some easy ways to know that you're getting a new mattress that has never been compressed.

Choose a Hybrid Mattress

The vast majority of online retailers selling foam-only mattresses will send you a box with the memory foam rolled up and stuffed inside. By choosing a hybrid mattress with a layer of coils as support, you can be relatively certain that the retailer won't be rolling, folding, or otherwise compressing your bed before it reaches you. Plus, you can still enjoy all of the benefits of memory foam or latex without the drawbacks!

Shop Close to Home

Even though you're ordering a mattress online, you should still consider where it's manufactured before ordering. Look for a mattress that is 100% made in Canada, so you can be certain that your bed hasn't been compressed and shipped overseas. Ideally, you'll be able to find a specialty retailer that manufactures their beds to order and ships them immediately, so your mattress arrives in the same condition it was in the day it was made.

Check The Shipping Information

Even though it's damaging and potentially unsafe to roll up or otherwise compress a hybrid mattress with coils, some retailers will still try it. To be absolutely certain that you're getting a quality mattress, look for the terms "shipped whole" or "never compressed" on the company's website. Often, these companies will even offer a shipping service that removes your old mattress and installs the new one for you, so you don't have to worry about carrying your mattress alone.

Trust the 100% Made in Canada, Never Compressed Hybrid Mattress

The Lunazen mattress is the only hybrid mattress that is 100% made in Canada, available online, and shipped whole directly to your door- never compressed, rolled, or folded, so the quality is never compromised. In fact, LunaZen mattresses are made-to-order and shipped immediately, so when it arrives it's in the same condition as it was when it left our factory floor!

Our exclusive Zen-M memory foam combines softness and resilience with an open-cell structure that quickly conforms to your body for better support and weight distribution, avoiding the "sink-in" feeling of traditional memory foams. It is infused with a unique cooling gel that will help you sleep cool and wake up refreshed. Then, 8 inches of bi-pocket Canadian steel coils provide the ultimate in individualized contoured support, with no motion transfer and excellent pressure point relief for a night of undisturbed sleep.

Simply put, the Lunazen is designed with comfort and quality in mind from start to finish.