July 22, 2019

While summer can bring lazy days and relaxing time spent with friends and family, the balmy weather and long days can also bring difficulty in falling — and staying — asleep.

Interrupted or shortened sleep cycles combined with poor sleep quality add up to a number of problems that can turn your summer sideways. In fact, research shows that sleep disruption for even just a few nights can affect concentration, mood, and metabolism. Over time, this can affect your weight, your health, and your longevity.

So, how can you get the kind of restorative sleep your body craves this summer? One way is to beat the summer heat is to surround yourself with cool, breathable materials at night.

Keep Your Cool to Save Your Sleep

The most important step you can take towards great summer sleeping is to keep yourself cool. While the ideal thermostat temperature for sleep is 15 to 19 degrees Celsius, this can be impacted by the clothing you’re wearing and — most especially — the bed you’re sleeping in. 

Sure, you can start by purchasing fabrics for your bed and yourself that are breathable, such as bamboo, cotton, and linen. But, if you’re sleeping on a traditional memory foam mattress, your body heat can be collected and reflected back to you — all night long.

So, even if you invest in lighter blankets and breathable sheets and sleepwear, when your mattress is holding on to your body heat, no amount of high-tech fabrics or thermostat juggling is going to save your slumber.

And this is why many traditional memory foam mattresses fail the summer sleep test. This accumulated body heat ends up contributing to summertime (and other time) tossing and turning and plenty of consumer complaints.

Fortunately, the savvy creators of Lunazen Sleep designed their mattress with unique open-cell technology to contribute to enhanced airflow for better comfort. But to really help you keep your cool, Lunazen’s exclusive Zen-M memory foam is injected with a 100 percent gel infusion to lower the sleep surface temperature of your bed by up to two degrees.

And those two degrees can make the difference between sleeping through the night in comfort and spending half your night staring at the clock, wondering when you’ll finally get your Z’s.

Don’t Just Sleep Better This Summer — Experience the Luxury of Lunazen Sleep

This summer, treat yourself to blissful nights of cool, comfortable sleep with a luxury mattress you can count on to be perfect for you, no matter how high the temperature rises outside. 

And, Lunazen mattresses are made in Canada using the highest-quality Canadian-sourced products so you know that every element of your mattress can be traced right back to its origin.

Ready for your next night’s sleep to be your best night’s sleep? Head over to  Lunazen and start your 100-night in-home trial today!